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The world is grappling with simultaneous crises  – COVID-19, climate change, multiple conflicts, food shortages and the highest rates of inflation in decades. Many of these are interrelated. All of them put children at greater risk of violence.

Despite these global challenges, positive change for children is taking place across countries and sectors – driven by individuals and organisations fighting to ensure safe, secure and nurturing childhoods for girls and boys.

Together, End Violence and its diverse and powerful community and partners are catalysing change  – from grassroots to global levels. As part of the Together to #ENDviolence campaign, we are placing a spotlight on these dedicated efforts that are driving progress and delivering impact. Explore the #ActionToENDViolence from around the world. 

Pathfinding Progress

Leadership and action by governments are crucial in the global fight to end violence against children. Policies, national planning, evidence-based interventions and long-term investment drive large-scale, lasting change. Countries are also key stakeholders in our international efforts – sharing solutions, strengthening international cooperation and supporting the work of other governments and national actors. End Violence is highlighting the recent impact of Pathfinding countries – who have joined hands with End Violence and made a formal, public commitment to end violence against children – and showcasing progress being made at this critical time to keep children safe at home, at school online and in communities.

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Grantee Impact

The End Violence Fund invests in programmes around the world that deliver practical, innovative and effective solutions to end violence against children. The Fund has so far invested over USD $80 million with impact in 75 countries. We are highlighting the ways in which these crucial investments are making a difference in the lives of children.

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Together to #ENDviolence Champions 

The End Violence Partnership spotlights the inspiring champions – individuals and organisations – working to end violence against children around the world to demonstrate progress, highlight the innovative action of individuals and partners, and inspire the broader movement. These champions include policy and programme practitioners, activists, researchers, policymakers, and children themselves. Meet the champions who are pushing the dial to drive change – those working to reform, impact and change systems, from within or outside. 

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Together to #ENDviolence Advocates

Explore our high-level End Violence Advocates, a diverse and influential group of international leaders speaking out and taking action in support of the End Violence Partnership and the issue of ending violence against children. This unites powerful voices – from heads of state, UN leadership, CEOs and royalty to children and survivors of childhood violence. Meet them all here.

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Global Moments, Global action 

The end violence community is mobilising across the world to drive change and demand action to end all forms of violence against children. Find out more:


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