The Fund

The End Violence Fund serves as a vehicle for change on the ground. We provide financial support to programmes around the world, contributing to projects that deliver practical, innovative and effective solutions to end violence against children.

The partnership and the fund power one another: while partners share their approaches, push action, and advocate to governments, the Fund feeds into our ecosystem as a partnership, providing a source of solutions from which partners can learn, adapt and replicate. The solutions are shared both within the End Violence partnership and beyond, supporting the overall movement to end all forms of violence against children.

We are currently investing in two windows of our Fund: Safe Online and Safe to Learn. In years past, we have also funded projects to protect children in humanitarian crisis.

Where we invest


Addressing violence online, with a particular focus on child sexual exploitation and abuse.
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Addressing violence in and through schools in Safe to Learn endorser countries.
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Addressing violence against children affected by conflicts and crises. This funding round closed in 2019.
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In early 2019, End Violence invested $6.6 million to develop Disrupting Harm, a large-scale research project that aims to better understand how digital technology facilitates the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and adolescents, both online and offline. End Violence brought together and funded three organisations (ECPAT International, INTERPOL and the UNICEF Office of Research – Innocenti) to conduct the research, which will assess the nature of this issue in 14 countries across Eastern and Southern Africa and Southeast Asia.

Our History

July 2016

The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children and its associated fund are launched by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon. At the same time, the UK Home Office becomes the first donor to the Fund with a commitment of £40 million to end child sexual exploitation and abuse online. Our first four Pathfinding countries present their commitments to children at the launch.

February 2017

In February, the first funding round is completed. Fifteen organisations join the first cohort of End Violence Fund grantees.

September 2017

End Violence launches its second funding round, which is also focused on building the foundations of an integrated response to online child sexual exploitation and abuse. The second cohort of 16 grantees is announced in February of the following year.

April 2018

With the support of the Government of Japan, End Violence opens a new funding window to support 12 humanitarian projects in Nigeria and Uganda.

March 2019

The Fund launches a large-scale research project to collect evidence on online CSEA and other forms of crimes against children – Disrupting Harm – in 14 countries in Southeast Asia, South and Eastern Africa.

July 2019

The University of East London and 5Rights Foundation become the first End Violence grantees to complete their joint project in Rwanda. The key outcome of this project took place in June 2019, when a child online protection policy and implementation plan was passed by the Rwandan government.

September 2019

The Fund launches a $13 million open call for solutions focused on leveraging new and existing technologies with the potential to enhance detection and response to online violence, with a specific focus on sexual exploitation and abuse. Approximately $3 million is reserved for invitation-only strategic opportunities.

December 2019

The first-ever End Violence Grantee Convening is held. Forty-seven individuals from 38 organisations, along with over 15 donors and external stakeholders gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to share experiences, bridge divides and learn from one another.

January 2020

The Safe to Learn funding window is opened, inviting organisations from endorser countries to apply to make schools safer.

Our grant-making approach

Since its inception in 2016, the Fund has raised over $83 million for children, awarding millions of dollars into projects in over 75 countries. These projects focus on tackling online child sexual exploitation and abuse, keeping children safe in and through schools, and preventing violence against children affected by conflicts and crises.
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Our grant-making happens in two ways:


The Fund has regularly opened calls for proposals. Our latest funding rounds have focused on leveraging technology to prevent and combat online child sexual exploitation and abuse, and supporting partners to protect children in and through schools.


A small percentage of available funding is set aside to support projects, initiatives and organisations identified by the Fund Steering Committee and the Fund's Secretariat through broad engagement and consultation with the global community. Select organisations will be invited to apply for a grant.