Progress Map

The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children works with partners, countries and organisations to make the world a better place for children. On the map below, you will see how our impact is felt across the globe. The first tab shows "pathfinding countries" ⁠— nations that have committed to changing laws, policies and societal norms around violence. Once a country commits to becoming a pathfinder, they commit to children, and to make their safety a priority.

The second tab shows the reach of our members, including civil society organisations, governments, United Nations agencies and corporations; research bodies, faith-based communities and academic institutions. We are a unique blend of public and private, and we use our collective experience to our advantage. The third tab shows our reach through the End Violence Fund: as of August 2020, End Violence has invested $42.6 million in projects that prevent and respond to violence against children, strengthening the work of 55 partners in more than 50 countries. And the fourth tab highlights countries that have endorsed the Safe to Learn Call to Action, which sets out in high-level terms what needs to happen to end violence in schools.

To learn more about the impact of the partnership, please visit the What We Do page on the menu above.