What We Do

Since its inception in 2016, the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children has worked on multiple levels to achieve our vision: a world in which every child grows up safe and secure. We offer an opportunity for groups of all kinds — from governments to international organisations to children themselves — to work together to prevent and respond to violence on an unprecedented level.
Children in Montenegro look at a computer.

Child Safeguarding

Child safeguarding policies ensure organisations do everything in their power to support children's right to a life free from violence.
A baby smiles with his father in Cote D'Ivoire.


In 2016, ten agencies collaborated to develop INSPIRE, a technical package of seven key strategies to end violence against children.
Children sit in a classroom in Honduras.

Knowledge Network

In March 2019, the Knowledge Network came to life — a forum for data experts to convene, discuss and explore solutions for ending violence.
A young boy sits in a classroom in Nigeria.

Safe to Learn

#SafetoLearn is a new campaign dedicated to ending violence in schools so children are free to learn, thrive and pursue their dreams.
Summit photo

Solutions Summit

The End Violence Solutions Summit is a place for hundreds to gather, collaborate and share solutions for preventing and responding to violence.