Affiliate Events & Initiatives

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As part of Together to #ENDviolence, partners and national coalitions are leading affiliated events to amplify our impact. These events will provide a drumbeat of national and thematic events, calling for commitments and encouraging leaders to respond to the urgent challenge of violence against children. They aim to build momentum, showcase solutions, spark policy dialogue, and more.

We encourage all our partners — no matter their size — to join the movement by hosting an affiliate event or initiative. In the coming weeks, we will publish a do-it-yourself toolkit to help you do so. In the meantime, explore the affiliated events on the calendar below. This calendar is regularly updated.




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Event 4

Planning your own affiliate event


In the lead-up to your event, we ask you to please register information to be affiliated with the Together to #ENDviolence campaign, such as the event invitation, the name of the event, hosts, objectives, number of participants expected, policy calls and social media hashtags. Doing so will allow us to advertise your event or initiative across our platforms and audiences, increasing the reach and impact of your work. Registering will also allow us to provide support and guidance – if you are interested in it – to make your event as effective as possible.

Register your event.


We have prepared a digital toolkit to support our partners in hosting affiliate events. Below, you can find resources, information and templates to guide you.

Access it here.


After registering your event with Together to #ENDviolence, we are asking partners to report back on how their event went using the form below. Through case studies, speakers, human interest stories, and event updates, partners from across the world will prove that ending violence is possible. This feedback will be used to shape our 2021 Leaders' Event, which will bring our community together to secure financial and political commitments to end violence against children.

Report on your event.