Global progress towards non-violent childhoods: putting prohibition of corporal punishment of children into practice

Date: Jun 04, 2021
Time: 8am New York
Address: Online
Organizer: End Violence Partnership

In the majority of countries, the law still allows some degree of violence in child raising; 87% of children worldwide are not protected by law from corporal punishment in the home. Enacting prohibition fulfils children’s right to equal protection under the law, and most importantly sends a clear message that violent punishment is no longer acceptable.

The aim of prohibition is not to punish parents and others, but rather to bring about a cultural shift in how a society regards and treats its children. And there is growing evidence that when the law is well implemented this is indeed the effect. The number of states achieving this reform continues to grow: 62 have now enacted prohibition of corporal punishment in all settings of children’s lives, and 135 have banned corporal punishment in schools. How have they done it, and what have they learned?

This webinar will share experiences and approach from a range of countries that have decided to turn away from violent childhoods by prohibiting corporal punishment. It will include guidance for those just starting on this path, and explore how non-violent parenting can be supported and developed.


  • To show how prohibition of corporal punishment can be effectively implemented to bring about change, showcasing experiences from around the world, and sharing a new guidance briefing for governments and others.
  • To share information about how non-violent parenting can be supported and developed – building capacity and learning; calling for commitment and investment in parenting support.
  • To secure government commitments to prohibit and eliminate all corporal punishment of children.
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