Below, you will find videos created by End Violence and our partners across the world, all of which illustrate the issue of violence, its impact, or solutions forward. These videos are available for open sharing as long as credit to the publishing organisation is retained.

Please reach out to for questions or if you'd like to share a video your organisation has made.

End Violence Partnership

Together to #ENDviolence Leaders' Event Summary


Together to #ENDviolence campaign video

Together to #ENDviolence Policy Proposals

Together to #ENDviolence Solutions Summit Series Launch: highlight reel

Together to #ENDviolence: children's voices

Jamaica: a country of progress, 2020

Safe Online, 2020

End Violence's 5th Anniversary

End Violence's 4th Anniversary

Safe Online Grantee Convening, 2019


Safe to Learn, 2019

End Violence Solutions Summit, 2018

End Violence Launch Film, 2016

World Health Organization

Survivor Stories, 2020


#ENDviolence, 2013


Putting Children at the Centre of the Global Goals, 2016

Cure Violence

Let's Make the Cure Contagious, 2015