Closing Conference of the EndOCSEA@Europe Project

Date: Jun 17, 2021
Time: 10am - 5:30pm CET
Address: Online
Organizer: Children’s Rights Division of the Council of Europe & the Cybercrime Office (C-PROC)

Fighting OCSEA with new standards and policies, research, knowledge and awareness-raising tools

In the context of the closing of the project, this conference will be an opportunity to share key issues and concrete results of the above mentioned three components by looking at the progress made in:

  • WEBINAR 1 (10am - 12pm CET): Tackling OCSEA with improved legislation and policies at national, regional and international level; in this context, the methodology developed in the context of the project to analyse legislative and political gaps will be discussed in the broader context of the work of the Lanzarote Committee and the T-CY gave their role to ensure the effective implementation of the Lanzarote and Budapest Conventions. Progress made by both bodies over the last two years will be discussed jointly to see how it will contribute ultimately also to improving national, regional and international responses to OCSEA. On this occasion, other relevant national Children’s Rights and regional and global Cybercrime projects will be invited to share initiatives to improve the level of implementation of both Conventions
  • WEBINAR 2 (1:30pm - 13:00pm CET): Understanding OCSEA, in particular with the current context of the pandemic, its trends, challenges and promising practices by looking at the recent findings of the updated version of the Baseline Mapping Report of member states responses to prevent and combat online child sexual exploitation and abuse. The report was updated in the context of the pandemic to seek additional information and data on the potential impact of the lockdown and see whether new information was reliable and available quickly, to identify possible changes in terms of trends and responses and formulate recommendations for improvements to ensure the sustainable impact and use of this research.
  • WEBINAR 3 (3:30pm - 5:00pm CET): In raising the awareness of children, in particular, very young ones (as from the age of 2) who are increasingly exposed to risks online with parents, carers and professionals working in pre-schools and schools who are not equipped enough to protect children, especially in the new environment which was triggered with the pandemic. A discussion among experts from different sectors and working in this area will be led and framed around ‘Kiko and the Manymes’ video, storybook and tips for parents of children of 4-7 years old.
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