Together to #ENDviolence is a global campaign and Solutions Summit Series to catalyse the political and financial commitments needed to end violence against children by 2030. As part of Together to #ENDviolence, partners and national coalitions are leading affiliated events. These events will provide a drumbeat of national and thematic events, calling for commitments and encouraging leaders to respond to the urgent challenge of violence against children. They aim to build momentum, showcase solutions, spark policy dialogue, and more. In addition, they will:

  • Strengthen national collaboration: Through joint action we can demonstrate that together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

  • Shape the Leaders’ Event: Through case studies, speakers and human-interest stories, organisations will prove that ending violence is possible. 

  • Support advocacy: Through ongoing discussions, we will develop national policy calls based on the specific laws, policies and investments needed at country level.  

  • Share solutions: Through featuring local examples of well-evaluated programmes that have reduced violence against children, organizations will serve as inspirational examples for further work in the country and across other countries. 

  • Implement the recommendations of the Global Status Report on Preventing Violence Against Children (2020): Through government-led policy dialogues, countries can discuss their way forward.  

We encourage all our partners — no matter their size — to join the movement by hosting an affiliate event or initiative. Affiliate status is signaled by registering your event with the campaign, adding the Together to #ENDviolence logo to your event materials, and, if applicable, using our social media kit to amplify your event’s mission. The campaign will promote affiliate events across our channels, spreading your reach to governments, donors, United Nations agencies, organisations, and others across the world. After receiving the report on your event, the campaign may profile your work at future summit events, amplifying your organisation’s impact even further.

This DIY Guide will help you do so by providing the resources, templates, and guidance needed to create an effective event. 

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National coalitions, end violence coordination platforms, and civil society organisations are encouraged to work together to implement one or more initiative and event. Below, you will find several ways to participate – but feel free to be creative by developing your own ideas or to brand already planned initiative or events as part of Together to #ENDviolence.

In most countries, national or sub-national coordination platforms on ending violence do exist. Ensure that any initiative builds upon this multi-stakeholder platform and includes representative from social services, social protection, health, education, and justice. UNICEF Country Offices can be focal points for identifying the best or strongest entry point to ensure a mix of programming, communications and resource mobilisation colleagues from a range of organisations.

Ideally, the initiatives and events should comprise of representatives from government, United Nations agencies, civil society, religious leaders and faith-based, children, academic, donor, and private sector entities. Testimonials by children and adults are vital to the success of the initiative to ensure that the voices of survivors are real and heard and that children are acknowledged as critical agents of change and are both celebrated and mandated as essential for future work.

Below, you will find guidance for hosting two types of events: those to secure financial and political commitments, and those to share evidence-based solutions. Please register your event here so we can best support and amplify your work.


One of Together to #ENDviolence’s main aims is to secure new political and financial commitments to make the end of violence a reality. To do so, we recommend organising a national or regional affiliate event, launching the campaign in country, or developing contextualised national policy calls to inform ongoing advocacy.  

Organise a launch or affiliate event 

Events may be organised at regional or national level to bring together a multisectoral group of partners. These events could be focused on violence that occurs at home, online, at school or within communities; COVID-19 violence preventions response; or a specific topic such as parenting programs, corporal punishment or shifting harmful social norms (or a combination). Or, the topic could be broader in scope, such as scale up of INSPIRE, multi-sector programming, or joint advocacy, to secure national commitments or implementation of existing commitments. 

Each event should discuss current challenges and what it is going to take to achieve step-change over the next three to five years. Here, you can find an example concept note for a launch event, along with key messages and a narrative arc for the programme. 

To ensure your invitation is on-brand, we encourage you to use our pre-made templates (below) and fill them in accordingly.

Invite 1  Invite 2

To do so, please reach out to for your own downloadable copy. 

Please register your event here so we can best support and amplify your work.  

Develop national policy calls

The three broad aims of Together to #ENDviolence are (a) to secure new political commitments to end violence against children in the home, online, through schools and in communities; (b) to guarantee a significant increase in financial investments; and (c) to ensure collaboration within government, across all sectors and with children themselves to scale up and implement evidence-based solutions. 

The Global Status report on preventing violence against children (2020) is a good reference point to inform policy development. Policy calls may include, for example: 

  • Protecting essential child protection services  

  • Prioritizing data collection 

  • Prioritizing the development of a new national action plan 

  • Strengthening legislative frameworks 

  • Ensuring adequate funding 

  • New legislation such as banning all forms or corporal punishment 

  • Increasing funding for the scale up of evidence-based prevention  

  • Strengthening implementation research 

  • Promoting good governance and coordination 

These policy positions should be used to inform advocacy and government diplomacy, along with messages to key stakeholders, partners and the media. Please register your initiative here so we can best support and amplify your work.


Another essential goal of the campaign is to prove that ending violence against children is possible – and right now, progress is happening and worth investing in. To illustrate this point, we recommend sharing knowledge, solutions and data across organisations, governments and other key stakeholders.  

Organise thematic webinars 

INSPIRE is an evidence-based resource for anyone committed to preventing and responding to violence against children and adolescents. The package presents seven strategies to help countries and communities intensify their focus on prevention programs and services with the greatest potential to reduce violence against children, including law implementation and enforcement; norms and values; safe environments; parent and caregiver support; income and economic strengthening; response and support services; and education and life skills. 

Thematic webinars, at global or country level, are an effective way to show how multiple strategies can enhance prevention and response efforts. Themes may range from topic-specific webinars to, for example keeping children safe online, or broader topics, like ensuring multi-sectoral collaboration. 

Wherever possible, you are encouraged to feature local examples of well-evaluated programmes that have clear evidence for having reduced violence against children. In doing so, you can ensure contextualised programmes serve as inspirational examples for further work, both in your country and across others. 

Please register your event here so we can best support and amplify your work.

Organise virtual exchanges  

Virtual exchanges between countries can be organized whereby topics of exchange may vary from sharing best practices to discussing field challenges. For example, one country that has a costed National Action plan may provide help to another on lessons learned. 

For those interested in organising such exchanges, please reach out to Natasha Javed at to share topics that you would like to discuss and countries that you would like to involve. In addition, please register your event here so we can best support and amplify your work.

Another goal of Together to #ENDviolence is to create compelling communications and advocacy assets to convince governments, donors and international actors to invest in ending violence against children. To elevate violence against children as a global priority, please create your own resources or use the resources created by Together to #ENDviolence. 

Please share any communications resources with End Violence Partnership and we will share them with our global networks. Communications resources could include photos, videos, human interest stories, policy briefings and event coverage. Share your content here, by reaching out to, or by tagging @GPtoEndViolence in your social media messaging. We will amplify your messages from our social media accounts, reaching wider audiences and enhancing your reach.

There are multiple ways to share these assets on your own, including:


The advantages of using social media are endless. Channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram provide an opportunity for your organisation to raise awareness about violence, communicate and inform audiences about your work, increase interaction and engagement of your audience, help build your networks, and measure your results.

To maximise the impact of social media outreach, we encourage you to: 

  • Publish a social media post to share your materials and resources, announce upcoming events, and provide general updates 

  • Encourage conversation and build your audience by posing questions to elicit curiosity about your work 

  • Engage your partners by tagging them in your posts 

  • Use hashtags that already have a following, such as #ENDviolence, #SafeOnline, #SafeToLearn  

  • Think about creative ways to present information (infographics, summary point) 

  • Use strong images to increase engagement and further sharing (All images used must be in line with your organisation's Safeguarding Policy, including use of images and consent forms) 

For social media messages around Together to #ENDviolence campaign, please click here.  

Examples of effective social media posts are below.

Social media 1 Social media 2


Aside from social media posts, there are many other ways to get involved with the campaign from a digital storytelling lens. Content you create can be submitted to the campaign for further amplification and promotion here. Once we receive that content, we will use it to prove that ending violence is not just possible, but happening right now.

Content to submit includes, but is not limited to:


Please submit success stories, human interest pieces, evidence-based reports, and other types of research through this form. If selected, a member of the End Violence team will contact you for more information. These pieces will be shared on the Together to #ENDviolence website and amplified through End Violence's social media channels. They also may be used in global campaign events or throughout the Solutions Summit Series.


Together to #ENDviolence is celebrating the individuals working on the ground to end violence against children. Through Q&A-style interviews, you will learn from practitioners, activists, researchers, policymakers and children about their successes, their challenges, and what they think is needed to end violence for good. 

Meet the End Violence Champions and nominate someone you know


We are seeking films and video footage to provide real-life examples of the application of INSPIRE, illustrating the ways a small or medium-size organisation’s programming can be adapted into a much larger government initiative. This is a lively, simple way to educate policymakers on the 'how to' thinking about implementation of violence prevention. 

If you have raw footage and no capacity or funding to assemble them into videos, please let the End Violence team know; we may be able to repurpose your footage, always giving your organisation credit for the impactful work. If created, these videos will become public goods for the years to follow. 

For guidance and support on any of the above, reach out to


For traditional media outreach, such as opinion editorials and coverage in national or international news outlets, identify a spokesperson and scan the latest news, current events and other “hooks” in your country. Use these insights to write articles and op-eds around those topics, always keeping in mind that news agencies will only publish something if it's relevant to their audiences. Alternatively, you can invite media organisations and journalists to your events and hold press conferences to fill them in on your work, your impact and the campaign. 

Please contact for support with traditional media outreach.

Reporting back is critical so that Together to #ENDviolence can present a globally aggregated picture of progress taking place at national, regional and global levels. This content will be amplified as part of the advocacy to secure political and financial commitments.  

Before the event 

In the lead-up to your event, we ask you to please register information to be affiliated with the Together to #ENDviolence campaign, such as the event invitation, the name of the event, hosts, objectives, number of participants expected, policy calls and social media hashtags. Doing so will allow us to advertise your event or initiative across our platforms and audiences, increasing the reach and impact of your work. 

If there is a possibility to interview a high-ranking government official – either within your event or outside of it – the End Violence team can support. Please reach out to for additional guidance. 

Please register your event here so we can best support and amplify your work.

After the event 

After registering your event with Together to #ENDviolence, we are asking partners to report back on how their event went using the form below. Through case studies, speakers, human interest stories, and event updates, partners from across the world will prove that ending violence is possible. This feedback will be used to shape our 2021 Leaders' Event, which will bring our community together to secure financial and political commitments to end violence against children.

Communication products such as videos, social media messages, photos, tweets etc. can also be uploaded for further amplification. We have the capacity to accept materials in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. You can also send all the information to the End Violence team at For videos, please send a WeTransfer (or similar file-sharing service) file to the same address.  

Report back on your event here.