The Safe Online Initiative of End Violence and the Tech Coalition partnered to launch the Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund with the aim of tackling online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA). In the first round of funding under this collaboration, 5 organisations were awarded grants for research that will expand knowledge of online CSEA and explore the most effective measures for preventing it.

This fund is focused on innovative research that produces actionable insights to impact product and policy development, with a priority given to research that can help inform the technology industry's approach to combating online child sexual exploitation and abuse. This collaboration is part of Tech Coalition’s work to unite the global tech industry to protect children from online CSEA.

End Violence Safe Online will support the Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund while building on over five years of work in the Safe Online space. Since our inception in 2016, the Safe Online portfolio has grown to reach US$ 68 million in investments in 80 projects working to end and prevent online CSEA in over 75 countries.  

Finalist applicants are under evaluation. Awards will be announced by the end of the year. Please check back here for updates on the next round of grantees!


The Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund will advance the world’s understanding of online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA). The total funding envelope to be awarded through the 2022 Open Call is ~US$ 800,000. 

The research projects will deliver actionable insights that contribute to practitioner understanding of online CSEA, with a priority on technology industry practice across three specific areas of interventions. 

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Please click here for full details of the Request for Expressions of Interest and more about our focus areas in this funding round.

This year's Open Call will be a two-stage application process. 

The Tech Coalition Safe Online Open Call funding will be made available as grants from End Violence. This year, there are two streams of funding for awards under this Open Call with an opportunity for support to select applicants in Funding Stream B by the Advisory Group in the full Request for Proposals stage if successful in the EOI stage. Read below to find out more about the two funding streams:

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End Violence Safe Online and the Tech Coalition invite not-for-profit organisations or consortia with not-for-profit organisations as the primary applicant to respond to the 2022 Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund Request for Expressions of Interest (EOI). The full eligibility criteria are below.

A reminder that submissions of EOIs does not guarantee an invitation to submit a full Proposal. Successful applicants in the EOI stage have been notified and invited to respond to the Request for Proposals stage.


Only entities that fulfill these mandatory requirements will be considered eligible:

  • legally registered non-profit (i.e. research institutes and academic institutions, civil society organisations (CSOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and international organisations)
  • the research addresses one or more of the three areas of the 2022 Open Call, addresses a clear need/gap, does not duplicate existing research, and builds upon and/or interacts with existing research/practice 
  • all funding will be directed to an institution, not to individuals
  • an individual may submit one proposal as research project lead
  • at minimum, the applicant organisation should have demonstrated relevant prior expertise and/or research experience
  • the organisation complies with all relevant regulatory and ethical frameworks including having a safeguarding policy in place or willingness to develop a policy 

Read more about who we will and will not fund here.




Access the FAQs.

The Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund will award grants to organisations working to innovate solutions in ending online child sexual exploitation and abuse.

Expressions of Interest will be reviewed after the close of the call. The last day for submissions of EOIs is 31 MAY 2022 MIDNIGHT EST. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted in June 2022 and thereafter invited to submit a detailed proposal. Final awards will be announced at the end of 2022. 

If you have any questions about the request for EOIs please submit questions through this FAQ FORM. Answers to all questions submitted will be shared publicly and updated weekly on this page.

Click here to read more about last year’s funding round and grantees. 

Please see our EOI Application Process webinar that took place of 20 May for more information on the scope of the Call, eligibility and scoring, useful documents, and actionability of research for tech industry.


The below are updates to questions that have been submitted. If you do not see an answer to a question you have here, please see our FAQ document for more clarification.

Do proposals need to focus on all or just one of 3 areas of intervention?
Proposals must focus on at least one of the three focus areas. Applicants are welcome to indicate if the proposed research falls under more than one area, however to be eligible the EOI must have strong alignment with at least one focus area.

What types of research will this call fund?
We will seek to fund academic and/or applied research which may draw from a range of  quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods. This can include action research or pilot interventions. This can also involve tech solutions or new technology development but the proposed activities for this funding must be research components towards the development of any tools or programs. Product development or programmatic activities are not under the scope of this Call.

This Call will not fund general scoping, mapping or data collection research. Innovative research is a key scoring criteria. Documentaries, journalism, and oral history projects are not eligible for this solicitation. The proposed research should not duplicate existing research.

End Violence Safe Online does not provide core organisational funding. End Violence Safe Online will not extend more than two invitations for submission of a Full Proposal per institution.

What are the main requirements for a successful Expression of Interest?
Technical experts at End Violence Safe Online as well as an Advisory Group of external experts, as applicable, will review the EOIs based on an objective assessment of the following criteria:  

  1. Relevance of research for tackling online CSEA 
  2. Novelty and feasibility of research  
  3. Applicability and inclusivity of research 
  4. Suitability of the team to implement the research project  
  5. Alignment between budget ask and research project goals 

It is not expected that EOIs will cover in depth or provide full details of each criteria, however specificity and clarity will be assessed. It is not necessary to elaborate the state of the field or scope of the problem being addressed in the EOI.

In this EOI phase, the most qualified applicants will address all criteria in their EOI and demonstrate they meet or exceed the criteria as well as bring a diverse and inclusive perspective or expertise that will result in innovative and impactful research.

The Tech Coalition and End Violence Safe Online have set up an Advisory Group, which is made up of representatives from key online CSEA focused organisations, alliances and independent experts as well as technology industry representatives from Tech Coalition member companies. The Advisory Group plays a central role in outlining the Open Call selection criteria, dissemination strategies and knowledge-exchange activities to amplify the impact of the research.

Key roles of the Advisory Group include:

  • Designing and determining the scope of the Request for Expressions of Interests and Request for Proposals
  • Establishing adequate, transparent scoring and assessment frameworks to evaluate funding proposals
  • Supporting with outreach and promotion of the Open Call 
  • Reviewing the most viable proposals and rating them through the agreed-upon framework
  • Deciding on finalists and grantees of the Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund

Members of the Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund Advisory Group include:

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