John Tanagho

Director of the Center to End Online Sexual Exploitation of Children at the International Justice Mission

John Tanagho is the Director of IJM’s Center to End Online Sexual Exploitation of Children. The Center partners with governments, industries, NGOs, and other stakeholders to expose, neutralize, and deter online sexual exploitation of children globally. Leveraging practices proven effective in IJM’s program in the Philippines, the Center helps (1) improve detection and reporting of online sexual exploitation of children by technology and financial sector corporations, (2) strengthen international collaboration in law enforcement and prosecution, and (3) support effective justice system responses in source and demand-side countries, resulting in sustainable protection for children and accountability for perpetrators.

Previously, John served for six years as Director for IJM in Cebu, The Philippines. John successfully led a multi-disciplinary team in a groundbreaking project combating the trafficking of children to create child sexual exploitation materials, especially in livestreaming. IJM has supported the Philippine Government to rescue over 700 victims, secure the arrest of over 260 suspects and conviction of over 100 traffickers, while developing effective solutions for survivor recovery.