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Partnership Application to the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children


This description will be published on your organisation’s profile page on our website (see an example here) if you become a partner of End Violence. Are you a member of other initiatives or groups? If so, please share your membership affiliation.
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Areas of expertise: Forms of violence
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Does your organisation work on ending violence against children in emergency or humanitarian contexts?


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My entity/organization/institution does not have or has had during the past four years any formal association, affiliation or link, with the tobacco or arms industry, or any subsidiary of a tobacco/arms/breast milk substitute company or commercial entity involved with the manufacture, sale, or distribution of tobacco/arms/breast milk substitutes or tobacco related products. Formal association, affiliation or link with the tobacco, breast milk substitutes or arms industry may include, but is not limited to:

  1. Consultancies or contractual/commercial relationships involving business (e.g. licensing, joint venture or research and development agreements) or other interests (e.g. advocacy or public relations)
  2. The possession of a financial stake, e.g. shareholdings or bonds
  3. A proprietary interest in a substance, technology or process (e.g. ownership of patent)
  4. Any programmes, initiatives, research, or projects, either independent or jointly administered which have been directly or indirectly endorsed, funded either monetarily or otherwise, or promoted by the tobacco/breast milk substitutes/arms industry, a subsidiary of a tobacco/arms/breast milk substitutes company, or any commercial entity involved with manufacture, sale, or distribution of tobacco/ breast milk substitutes/arms or tobacco related products
  5. Financial interests, controlling interests (i.e. senior-level individuals, including executive board members, with current or previous affiliations, financial or otherwise, with the tobacco/breast milk substitutes/arms industry.

I understand that the Partnership Secretariat reserves the right to request additional information from my organization/institution in this regard.

I hereby declare that the disclosed information is true and complete. Should there be any change to the above information, I will promptly notify the Partnership Secretariat of relevant changes.

As an authorized representative of my organization, I declare it to be in full agreement with the vision, mission and principles of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children.

Does your organisation have a safeguarding policy and associated procedures in place?
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If you do not have a safeguarding policy in place, are you willing to develop one? At End Violence, we believe that safeguarding policies are essential to protecting children’s welfare. Though we do not require an existing safeguarding policy to become a partner, we do need to know you are willing to work with our team to develop one if you are to become a member.
Does your safeguarding policy include a code of conduct?
Is safeguarding part of the recruitment process?
Is your safeguarding policy linked with your organisation’s whistleblowing policy?
Do you have a reporting focal point within your organisation for safeguarding?