Membership: an overview

The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children has a broad membership, drawn from relevant constituencies that include: governments, United Nations agencies, civil society organisations including faith groups and those directly engaging children, the private sector, philanthropic foundations and academia. Organizations interested in applying to become a partner of End Violence must be committed to ending violence against children, in accordance with End Violence's vision, mission and principles.

An application is available online or from the End Violence Secretariat. Only institutions, not individuals, may apply for partnership.

Criteria for Membership

An organization seeking to become a partner:

  • Be active in the prevention of violence against children;
  • Be committed to collective action to ending violence against children;
  • Endorse the vision, mission and principles of the Partnership, as reflected in its strategy;
  • Be engaged in activities in support of the goals of the Partnership;
  • Be committed to implementing multi-sectoral, multi-constituent action plans to end violence against children; and
  • Invest their own resources and capacities to pursue plans/initiatives to end violence against children.

The End Violence Secretariat is hosted by UNICEF, and therefore UNICEF rules and regulations apply to its functioning. UNICEF may reject partners it deems incompatible with UNICEF guiding principles. End Violence's Board may also reserve the right to refuse partnership if a potential partner considered incompatible with its goals and principles.

In completing the application form, applicants will be asked to confirm adherence to the following mandatory disclaimer: “My entity/organization/institution does not have or has not had during the past four years any formal association, affiliation or link, with the breast milk substitutes, tobacco or arms industries, or any subsidiary of a breast milk substitutes/tobacco/arms company or commercial entity involved with the manufacture, sale or distribution of breast milk substitutes/tobacco/arms or tobacco-related products.”

Benefits of Partnering Together

Benefits of partnership include:

  • Opportunities to exchange lessons learned and showcase best practice through events and networking, access to a directory of partners, joint advocacy initiatives and periodic updates;
  • Visibility, including the listing of organizations on End Violence's website, as well as placement of a link to the Partnership’s site on the organization’s website; and
  • Access to news, technical information, and other knowledge resources on the website, online access to archived electronic updates, periodicals, advocacy materials, policy and technical reports.

The use of End Violence's logo will require prior agreement or authorization by the Secretariat.

Expectations of Members

A partner of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children is expected to:

  • Promote and advocate for End Violence;
  • Contribute directly or indirectly to one or more goals in End Violence's Strategic Plan (and lead on implementation, where applicable);
  • Participate in communication networks and build relationships with constituency partners, consulting globally, regionally and nationally, as appropriate; and
  • Contribute time, effort and/or resources to End Violence's activities, such as direct funding and/or in-kind contributions including technical expertise, staff time, assistance with media and networking, support for other partners’ attendance at forums and other End Violence activities and events.

Financial contributions are subject to due diligence and conflict-of-interest reviews and must be aligned with relevant principles as outlined in the End Violence's core documents.