Child Action Lanka

Child Action Lanka Is an organization that works with street connected children and children marginalized by poverty to bring about transformation in their lives. CAL works with children (0-18) young adults and parents of urban, rural, estate sectors of Sri Lanka in order to help them understand their individual capacity, own value, skills aptitude and potential of growth, thereby expecting them to become responsible and independent citizens who can reciprocate their development to those like them. Having completed nearly 14 years of its mission among the target groups, through increased participation of children and families, keeps the work very grassroots focused.

CAL's main objective is to facilitate the street and underprivileged communities in society to empower them to a dignified life through the provision of education, healthcare and nutrition while dealing with Child protection through the drop-in centres across the country. As most of our kids face extreme vulnerability, child cruelty and violence The fight against has become an issue CAL strives to irradicate on a daily basis.

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