Let’s slow down: a COVID-19 parenting song


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the pressures on caregivers have skyrocketed. As schools closed their doors, children attempted to learn, play and grow in isolation. At the same time, many families battled unprecedented economic uncertainty – and in some cases, illness and death. The pandemic and related isolation measures have increased stress on parents everywhere, putting children more at-risk of violence, abuse and exploitation. 

To support parents and caregivers during this challenging time, End Violence teamed up with partners* to provide a series of free resources in March of 2020 – including a parenting resource package that has since reached 74 million families across the world.

To supplement that package, we have produced a song, Let’s Slow Down, with Broadway producer Mary Mitchell Campbell. The song is meant to capture what parents and caregivers may be feeling during this time of crisis and help inspire them to use the parenting package to stay calm, mitigate stress, and maintain healthy environments for their children.

Please share this resource with caregivers in your network to brighten their day and let them know they are not alone. The full parenting package is also available in over 100 languages – and our related social media kit will help you spread the word even more. 

* The parenting package and song were produced in partnership with End Violence, Parenting for Lifelong Health, World Health Organization, UNICEF, UNODC, USAID, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Without Orphans, the World Childhood Foundation, the Internet of Good Things, and Clowns Without Borders South Africa.