End Violence teams up with partners on new COVID-19 podcast series

New podcast series

The INSPIRING Ways to End Violence Against Children podcast has released six new episodes, all of which explore organisations’ efforts to protect children – and adapt to challenges – during COVID-19.

In the first release of the INSPIRING Ways to End Violence Against Children podcast, the End Violence Partnership took listeners from Honduras to South Africa to meet experts in the field of violence prevention, all of whom shared knowledge of what works in tackling the ever-present violence, abuse and exploitation of children across the world.

For this new set of episodes, the End Violence Partnership and host Dr Catherine M Maternowska teamed up with Save the Children, Terre des hommes’ COVIDunder19 initiative, and the Institute for Inspiring Children’s Futures, COVID 4P Log project from the University of Strathclyde. This series delves into how local programming was adapted to continue protecting children during the pandemic.

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Four of these episodes feature Save the Children practitioners from Guatemala, Myanmar, Nepal, and Somalia, all of whom are working on the frontlines of keeping children safe during the pandemic. These episodes highlight the ways those practitioners adapted and innovated to ensure reliable, continued delivery of essential child protection interventions – even in contexts that became nearly inaccessible almost overnight. These stories were sourced from Save the Children’s Adapt. Imagine. Innovate catalogue of innovations during COVID-19, which compiles lessons learned by staff throughout the world.

The fifth podcast in this package highlights the experiences of a youth adviser for COVIDunder19, an initiative launched by Terre des hommes that aims to meaningfully involve children in responses to the pandemic. Through an international survey that collected the voices of over 26,000 children, COVIDunder19 worked to bring children’s experiences to national and global decision-makers. In this episode, listeners can hear from one of the youth advisors directly involved in making that ambition a reality, and learn about the importance of ensuring children are heard in policy development, response and recovery efforts.

The last episode of the package explores the COVID 4P Log for Children’s Wellbeing Study, a project designed to increase understanding of the ways practitioners and policymakers adapted their programmes to protect children at different stages of the pandemic. By speaking to one of the creators of this project, this episode highlights the way technology share information between those intricately involved in COVID-19 response – even across 22 countries and five continents.

This new set of episodes were launched at a Together to #ENDviolence affiliate event on July 1, 2021, which gathered over 100 attendees and 300 registrants. At the event, participants heard directly from children and young people about their experiences during COVID-19, and explored practitioners’ and policymakers’ successes, challenges, and learnings as they worked to protect children during the pandemic. The event also showcased other adaptations and innovations made across the world to reach families and children over the last year.

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Is it actually possible to end violence against children? In a new series from the End Violence Partnership, we explore the answer to that question by talking to those on the frontlines – the experts, researchers and leaders that have dedicated their lives to keeping children safe. INSPIRING Ways to End Violence Against Children will take you from Honduras, where two children are murdered every day, to South Africa, where in some districts, up to 99 per cent of children have experienced or witnessed abuse.

By featuring the experts working on these challenges, this series will spread knowledge of what works to prevent violence – and ensure solving this problem remains a top priority for governments, communities and organisations across the world. This podcast is part of the Together for #EndViolence global campaign and Solution Summit Series.

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