How can technology support the mental health of young people in Myanmar?

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COVID-19 has impacted the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of populations all around the world. Myanmar – a country where one-fifth of its population were lifetime migrants before COVID-19 – is no exception.

In this episode, Andy Nielson, the Director of Advocacy Campaigns, Communications and Media for Save the Children, talks through an innovative new programme called Mee Pya Tike, which means ‘Lighthouse’ in Burmese. Central to the intervention was creating a space to deliver anonymous mental health services to young people through technology, including text-based support. Listen in to learn more about this intervention, the powerful testimonies from adolescents it reached, and the goal of integrating this platform into wider, tangible child protection services.


Is it actually possible to end violence against children? In a new series from the End Violence Partnership, we explore the answer to that question by talking to those on the frontlines – the experts, researchers and leaders that have dedicated their lives to keeping children safe.

INSPIRING Ways to End Violence Against Children will take you from Honduras, where two children are murdered every day, to South Africa, where in some districts, up to 99 per cent of children have experienced or witnessed abuse. By featuring the experts working on these challenges, this series will spread knowledge of what works to prevent violence – and ensure solving this problem remains a top priority for governments, communities and organisations across the world.

This podcast is part of the Together for #EndViolence global campaign and Solution Summit series.

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