Policy Proposal 6

more investment, better spent

As part of Together to #ENDviolence, experts from across the End Violence community came together to prepare a prioritized set of policy proposals to end violence against children. The result is six game-changing policy proposals, backed by evidence and research on what works to protect children.

The second policy proposal calls for more investment, better spent. To do so:

  • All governments should commit to costing and adequately funding the implementation of their national action plans to end violence against children by December 2021.
  • All donors should ensure and increase funding to address violence against children in all settings.
  • Donors should agree on standardised methodology for tracking donor investments in ending violence against children that can be integrated in the OECD-DAC CRS database.
  • The private sector should make new financial commitments to address violence against children and to prevent and respond to online harm to children.

Read more about this policy proposal in the following key messaging documents below, which are available in English, French and Spanish.

invest English   invest french   invest spanish

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