Terre des Hommes Netherlands

Terre des Hommes is an international child protection organisation working in 16 countries across Asia, East Africa, Europe and the Middle East. It helps take children out of exploitative situations and provides them with a conducive environment to develop. The organisation has been fighting child exploitation since 1960, when our foundations were established by Frenchman Edmond Kaiser. Inspired by the ideals from a memoir written by writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry called ‘Terre des Hommes’ (earth of mankind), Mr. Edmond founded the child rights organisation. In 1965, volunteers from Netherlands carried the work forward, with the journey spanning from providing emergency aid to structural aid and presently, to fighting child exploitation. For over 30 years, Terre des Hommes Netherlands has worked in Asia in combating child exploitation. The organisation is present in 6 countries in Asia, which includes Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Nepal, and the Philippines. From 2018 to 2021, more than 40 projects have been implemented to ensure children in Asia can live in an environment that is free of exploitation.

Countries Involved