Tanzania Women Empowerment in Action (TAWEA)

Tanzania Women Empowerment in Action (TAWEA) is an activist NGO representing the interests of women, children, and youth organization. The organization was established because Tanzania has been severely affected by three national enemies: ignorance, poverty, and diseases. Specifically, the community of Tanzania suffered from ignorance of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), the magnitude of Gender-Based Violence (GBV), and Gender inequality and prevalence of extreme poverty among the community members. Therefore, the organization intended to promote women, children's human rights, gender balance, and improve social welfare services in the community.

TAWEA operates six thematic programs: 1) Prevention of Gender-Based Violence against women and children, 2) Promotion of sexual and reproductive health and rights to young people and women, 3) Protection of the child rights, 4) Promotion of the good governance and accountability, 5) Education awareness on HIV/AIDS, 6) Vocational training to young people and women. In ending violence, the organization plays the great role in ending all forms of gender violence against women and children in the society by providing education awareness on causes and effect of violence, and how to end through training, community sensitization events, distribution of Information Education Communication materials and forums.

Countries Involved