Organisation Yinéyinédian Pour la Nature et le Dévelopement Durable (OND)

OND is made up of ecologists, conservators and actors of sustainable development, it is non-profit, non-denominational Burkinabè law. The mission of the OND is to help maintain a balance between economic and ecological interests in order to meet the needs of the populations present without compromising those of future generations and to have a dynamic, active, responsible, Solidarity and commitment to a more balanced, just and sustainable world in which men and women participate in the sharing of resources, power and knowledge on an equal footing.

The activities of the organisation are:

  • The conservation of endangered and critically endangered species in the IUCN Red List through the establishment of protected areas
  • Restoration, protection and sustainable management of natural resources
  • Awareness-raising, communication and training of local communities and development actors in the adoption of patterns of consumption, life and sustainable behavior
  • The promotion of sustainable agriculture
  • Promoting agricultural entrepreneurship
  • Promoting women's entrepreneurship
  • Strengthening health systems and education
  • Strengthening adaptive capacities of local communities to climate change
  • The promotion of gender, economic and social empowerment of girls and women
  • Promoting disadvantaged groups
  • And more.