Hope Life International

Hope Life International (HLI) Charitable Organization that was established in 2004, in The Gambia, West Africa, to fight poverty, diseases, and advocacy for health and community development. HLI is working in three countries of West Africa which are Sierra Leon, Nigeria and Gambia. We are affiliated or members of World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA), International Palliative Care Association (IPCA), Share-net International, Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition and Health Action International (HAI). HLI operate in thematic areas of advocacy, fighting against sexual violent, reproductive health and related diseases, training of health care professionals, caring to people living with HIV/AIDS and other terminal illness. It seeks to create a future of hope for under-served, hopeless and the sick in communities by helping them to build their skills and resources to reduce their vulnerability in a sustainable ways. Hope Life has eight-member Board of Directors that accesses the progress of the organization, make strategic decisions and look at program and administrative issues. The organization operates with five staff, comprising four full-time, one part-time workers and 1 volunteer. It also provides opportunity for community volunteers and students on internship to learn and participate in its activities to acquire knowledge. The organization has, since its formation, established good rapport with partners and project beneficiaries. It has collaborated with Ministry of Health, Department of State for Social Welfare and Ministry of Education, WHO, UNICEF, local and International NGOs, hospitals and clinics and other stakeholders in communities.

Countries Involved