Center Dardedze

Center Dardedze is a non-governmental organisation advocating for safe childhood, free from abuse. Since 2001, we provide help to children who have become victims of physical, emotional violence, neglect, and primarily - victims of sexual abuse and exploitation. We thrive to prevent violence by empowering and educating children, parents and professionals who work with children.

We are a team of psychologists, social workers, educators and other professionals who:

  1. Assist children victims of physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect, and also counsel their families;
  2. Proactively provide knowledge and skills for children, parents and professionals to promote safe relationships;
  3. Conduct studies, organize public awareness campaigns and keep watch on the government’s actions to protect children’s rights.

Every year, Center Dardedze:

  • Provides psychological support services to more than 200 children and 250 parents and caregivers.
  • Reaches more than 15,000 children and young people, teaching about safe relationships.
  • Reaches more than 7,000 parents and 3,500 professionals through our educational prevention programs.

Over the years Center Dardedze has become the leading expert organization in Latvia in the field of child protection and prevention of child abuse. Center Dardedze has been active in various national and international networks, such as CBSS Children at Risk Expert group,, Latvian Child Welfare Network (LCWN) to advocate for the best interests of children.

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