C-Sema's mission is to respond to children in need of care and protection and voice their concerns to policy and decision-makers. Specifically in our strategy 2016 – 2020, we want to be a reliable source of progressive data in the fight to end violence against children in Tanzania. C-Sema was founded in 2009 and registered in 2012.

C-Sema runs the National Child Helpline in collaboration with the Government of Tanzania. The National Child Helpline helps children in need of care and protection through a toll-free 116 telephone line available across all networks in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Tanzania has two child helpline call centres, one based in Dar es Salaam, the other in Zanzibar. This therefore means that C-Sema has two separate formal agreements for the helpline operationalisation; one with the ministry responsible for children in mainland Tanzania and another with the similar ministry from the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.

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