Bravehearts Foundation

Bravehearts has been actively contributing to the provision of child sexual assault services throughout Australia since 1997. As the first and largest registered charity specifically and holistically dedicated to addressing this issue in the country, Bravehearts exists to protect children against sexual harm. All activities fall under ‘The 3 Piers’ to Prevention; Educate, Empower, Protect.

Our activities include but are not limited to:


  • Early childhood (aged 3-8) ‘Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure’ primary and pre-school based personal safety programs including cyber-safety.
  • Personal Safety Programs for older children & young people (CyberEcho and ProjectYou!) and specific programs aimed at protecting Indigenous children.


  • Community awareness raising campaigns including general media comment and specific campaigns such as our annual national White Balloon Day.
  • Tiered child sexual assault awareness, support and response training and risk management policy and procedure training and services for all sectors in the community.
  • Specialist advocacy support services for survivors and victims of child sexual assault and their families including a specialist supported child sexual assault 1800 crisis line.
  • Specialist child sexual assault counselling is available to all children, adults and their non-offending family support.
  • Specialist intervention programs for adolescents (12-17) who have or are at risk of engaging in harmful sexual behaviour.


  • Policy and Legislative Reform including collaboration with State Government departments, as well as non-government sector agencies.
  • Research focused on building an evidence-based approach to the understanding, awareness, prevention and system and legislative response to child sexual assault in our communities.

Countries Involved