Beris Gwynne and Associates - Incitare

“Incitāre” is recognised under Swiss law as an "individual network." It was founded by Beris Gwynne, former diplomat and aid official, then aid worker, now futures thinking and global challenges entrepreneur as a platform for cooperation. We try to model this behaviour, actively seeking partners, giving credit where credit is due, volunteering a significant proportion of our time, and seeking the common good.

Incitare is the collective’s ‘motto’ – signalling (in Italian) a commitment to results-oriented advocacy and activism, initiative, determination and resourcefulness, to fulfil inter-generational obligations to leave the world a better, more prosperous, more secure and more peaceful place. The word in English means to catalyse, incite, and promote while mobilising to effectiveness.

Our primary roles are:

  • Advocacy - which we understand to include all forms of influencing, from evidence-based research to inform policy and practice to marketing and communication to raise awareness and catalyse action
  • Brokering - which we understand not as a transaction (typically between investor and client from introduction to contract completion) but as a sustained process of accompaniment, helping to bridge conceptual and language gaps to reach better alternatives rather than compromise;
  • And coaching - which we take to require not just the requisite professional competencies, but empathy and engagement

We fulfil these roles through a combination of speaking engagements, scoping workshops, seminars and conferences but take greatest satisfaction from our involvement in proto-typing of new ways of doing business that is SDG purposed, developed and delivered collaboratively.

Countries Involved