Association for Community Training (ACT)

The Association for Community Training - ACT is a non-profit, non-governmental organization working for the cause of the weaker sections of the society for the past 36 years in Villupuram District of Tamilnadu, South India.

ACT initially was promoted in the year 1983 by a team of young educated, like-minded individuals who had hands-on experience of educating and organizing the children and youth, agricultural landless labourers, and other community members in development activities in Mugaiyur and Thiukoilur regions of Villupuram District of Tamilnadu. They had a vision of socio-economic, educational and cultural development. 

Initially, we started off with organizing the children for evening coaching classes to ensure all children are educated and to promote and protect child rights in view of children are assets of society in future. We strive for empowerment through awareness education, community health education, promoting small savings among women, environment protection, and literacy programme for adults.

Countries Involved