ANAR Foundation (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk) - Peru

The ANAR Foundation (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk) is a non-profit institution, created in 1994, dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of children and adolescents through its ANAR Telephone program (1998), the only one helpline specialized assistance that provides psychological counselling, legal and social support, free and confidential, for all inquiries made by children and adolescents in Spanish and Quechua, every day of the year. Also serves young people aged 18 to 25 and adults concerned about any situations affect the exercise of the rights of children, adolescents and young person. Seeks to develop children's capacities to deal with situations of adversity (family violence, school violence, emotional problems, sexual abuse, etc.), orienting them to search solutions, contribute to a better exercise of their rights.

The service provides help on parenting guidelines, problems with friends, conflicts between teenage couples, help prevent mental health problems, early pregnancy, or violence situations. When adults call regarding situations of children and adolescents, we empower a protective and active roll with them in order to suggest solutions. When seriously situations are violating their rights is when ANAR Telephone intervenes supporting the adults through the legal and social work area giving them legal advice and connecting them with all the national systems that protect children and adolescents. ANAR Telephone allows access to equal opportunities on children’s rights to be equally in diversity. Reducing linguistic, cultural, economic, geographic and technological barriers (access to free help through the telephone service).

The work of ANAR Telephone has been recognized internationally by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. On the year 2006 their report to the Peruvian Government, article 40, point “D” urges to “maximize efforts to expand the free child line ANAR Telephone to reach all children in the most remotes zones of the country. Likewise, Regional UNICEF in their 2010 publication WHAT WORKS? Has recognized ANAR Telephone as a good practice in the participation of boys and girls in Latin America and the Caribbean in the category on advocacy and impact on public policies. A year later on 2011, ANAR receives a letter from Marta Santos, Special Representative of the Secretary-General United Nations on Violence against Children, Mentioning “…a positive example that integrates the approach of children’s rights and their fundamental intercultural dimension for the protection of children of the indigenous people and children who live in urban areas and belong to different ethnic groups. It is certainly an inspiring experience for other countries in and out of the Americas.” At the national level, on the year 2003, ANAR wins the prize Esteban Campodonico Figallo in the category of direct services to society which is granted by NY Clover Foundation and the Peruvian Piura University. On the year 2012 the Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima grants recognition to ANAR for contributing to strengthening social politics and has been included in the Catalogue of Successful Experiences ONGD-2015, of the Peruvian Agency of International Cooperation.- APCI.

Meanwhile, ANAR Foundation organizes collaboration with the government, like The Ministry for Women and Vulnerable Population, Municipalities, District Attorney’s office, police stations, NGO, universities. It is also a member of the International ANAR Alliance formed by Spain, Peru, Mexico and Chile who have the same objective in working with children and adolescents and permanently share experiences from each other. ANAR is also part of the Child Help Line International network (CHI).