Colombia INSPIRE Coordination Course Documentation & Process Guide


This INSPIRE Coordination Course Documentation & Process Guide sets out the steps taken in developing and delivering the Colombia INSPIRE Coordination Course. It is recommended that countries wishing to host an INSIPRE Coordination Course consider these steps as a guide to quality course delivery. The steps draw heavily on activities completed with the Government of Colombia and international partners between September 2020 and June 2021 and the guide offers a process-oriented approach to course planning, co-design, and delivery.

In providing this guide we fully acknowledge that no two countries are the same, hence, this process may need to be adapted to suit contextual realities. As readers move through this documentation and process guide, it will be helpful to refer to its companion –The Colomlbia INSPIRE Coordination Course Final Evaluation – which provides the details of planning, co-design, delivery, and results associated with the course.

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