Understanding Online Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of children with intellectual disabilities in Kenya

Children and young people in general can be vulnerable online. But unfortunately, the risk can be more profound for those with an intellectual disability. While there are positive benefits of online engagement for children with intellectual disabilities (enhanced learning, communication and so on), these children and young people may struggle with understanding and negotiating the social world, leading to communication difficulties and vulnerability in social interactions, and leaving them with challenges such as access to inappropriate content and oblivious interactions with online predators. 

ZanaAfrica’s research will delve into the questions to identify these challenges and solutions, asking:
- Which online platforms are commonly used by children with intellectual disabilities
- How can children, youth and communities be engaged to ensure the risk of online CSEA is minimized?
- What can the tech industry do to protect children with intellectual disabilities from online CSEA? 

The aim is to increase awareness and generate new thinking around safe design of online platforms that are inclusive.

Zana Africa