World Vision Vietnam

Tackling online child sexual exploitation in Vietnam

In Vietnam, World Vision Vietnam is bringing online violence prevention to schools, communities, social services, and the information, communications and technology sector. In schools, the organization is using support from the Fund to teach children how to protect themselves from online violence via the children’s groups, and design and implement child-led initiatives in target schools. In addition, World Vision is also training parents and teachers on how to protect children from online violence. These initiatives have reached thousands of children, parents and teachers since the project’s inception, using child-friendly activities such as plays, songs, quizzes and competitions to increase awareness of Internet safety.

With support from the Fund, World Vision is also training operators and counsellors of the Da Nang Center for Social Work, strengthening the child helpline and increasing social workers’ ability to deal with cases of online sexual exploitation and abuse. By holding seminars and workshops, World Vision is increasing awareness of such issues and urging information, communications and technology professionals to respond within their sectors. This includes working directly with Vietnam’s Department of Information and Communication and helping the government develop and implement recognized Internet safety standards for online child protection.