World Education


World Education has been improving quality of life through education and social and economic development programmes for children and adults in 20 countries since 1951. It will implement its Safe Learning project by building on its ongoing Schools as Zones of Peace (SZOP) activities using SZOP, School Codes of Conduct, Youth-led Peace Circle, and Retroactive Justice approaches in 500 high schools in 16 districts in four provinces of Nepal.

The project will support a total of 400,000 children, educators, parents, community members and government stakeholders by:

  1. Operationalising the Comprehensive School Safety Master Plan;
  2. Building capacity of headteachers and government officials to create a safer learning environment;
  3. Building capacities of teachers on positive discipline and classroom management;
  4. Supporting student-led initiatives;
  5. Establishing and activating Student groups (Peace Circles); and
  6. Raising awareness among community members for behavioural change.