Voluntary Service Overseas


VSO has been working to create a fair world for everyone, especially for the marginalised and the poor, through its inclusive education, livelihoods and health programming in 120 countries since 1958. The organisation will use this funding to strengthen the government-run school system, empower children and parents on child safety, and promote gender-responsive and safer learning environments in 69 schools. In total, the project will benefit 17,000 students in five districts in four provinces of Nepal.

The project will complement two ongoing girls' education challenge projects by partnering with four national non-governmental organisations and the National Campaign for Education for Policy Advocacy. To do so, the organisation will utilise approaches including their Social Exclusion and Gender Analysis Toolkit and its manual, Community Score Cards, Gender and Teen Transformative Norms Training Module, and the School-Centre Approach to Reducing Violence Against Children.

The project will focus on:

  1. Supporting school governance and management for a safer learning environment;
  2. Building capacity of teachers on a gender-responsive approach;
  3. Enhancing students' knowledge and skills on addressing violence, bullying and harassment; and,
  4. Raising awareness among parents and community members on child safety.