Ensuring Children in Uganda are Safe Online

UNICEF Uganda is using support from the Fund to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation and abuse. The agency is working directly with the Government of Uganda to integrate mechanisms for prevention, reporting and response into the national child protection system. They are also making related resources available across the social welfare, education, health and justice sectors. As part of this process, UNICEF Uganda is holding outreach and awareness sessions inside of schools in partnership with Uganda Child Helpline and the Uganda Police Force and other national partners. In 2018 alone, the agency reached more than 35,000 children with information on online protection in three urban districts.

To increase understanding of online child sexual exploitation and abuse within the judicial system, UNICEF Uganda is also facilitating training for justice sector officials, and developing standard operating procedures to help police navigate cases of children experiencing gender-based violence and online sexual exploitation and abuse. UNICEF Uganda is also assisting the government to integrate the issues of online child sexual exploitation and abuse in the national key policy and legislation so that the country systematically addresses the issues.