UNICEF Namibia

Tackling Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Namibia

In Namibia, the Fund helped UNICEF Namibia establish an online reporting portal, which now provides the public with a way to anonymously report cases of online child sexual exploitation and abuse. This project has also educated teachers, caregivers and children themselves, raising awareness of online child sexual exploitation and abuse through trainings, events and the celebration of Safer Internet Day.

UNICEF Namibia is also working directly with national law enforcement, including the police, prosecutors and members of the judiciary system. By establishing gender-based violence protection units and supporting the National Task Force on Online Child Protection, the agency is strengthening services for children while increasing the issue’s priority on the national agenda.

In addition, UNICEF Namibia is engaging the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology by conducting advocacy activities toward Namibian Internet service providers and mobile operators. The agency is also pushing for adherence to regional and global Internet codes of conduct, among other activities.

With new funding in 2022, UNICEF Namibia's “In the picture: protect children from (online) violence” project will empower children and their caregivers by enabling them to recognise risky online situations and unacceptable sexual behaviour and seek help from police, social workers and other trusted adults when they are confronted with sexual exploitation and abuse.