UNICEF Madagascar

Strengthening the National Protection System to Prevent and Respond to Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Madagascar

UNICEF Madagascar is using Fund support to educate children, youth and caregivers on online child sexual exploitation and abuse, ensuring families know how to report cases of violence and address online sexual exploitation. In addition, UNICEF Madagascar is strengthening existing services in place to protect children, integrating specific measures for addressing online sexual exploitation and abuse into the National Child Helpline and Madagascar’s “One Stop Centres,” which provide children who have experienced sexual violence with access to medical and psychosocial care. In these centres, the child protection service division of the police are all located under one roof.

To ensure perpetrators are investigated and prosecuted, UNICEF Madagascar is training judges, police, social service providers, prosecutors and other members of the justice system, ensuring they have the tools they need to handle an online child sexual exploitation and abuse case. UNICEF Madagascar is also strengthening the country’s existing database on sex offenders.

In addition, the agency is collecting data on online child sexual exploitation and abuse, identifying the trends and drivers of the issue to tackle it at its roots.