Developing and Implementing a National Plan of Action to Prevent and Respond to Online Child Exploitation and Abuse

With support from the Fund, UNICEF Kenya enhanced national capacities to prevent and respond to online child abuse and exploitation. The project has improved and expanded service provision to children who have been subjected to abuse and exploitation. The Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit will, thanks to the Fund’s support, now be expanded from Nairobi to Mombasa.

The project is also enhanced the capacity of judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officials and social workers to improve access of children who have been subjected to sexual abuse and exploitation to appropriate support services. UNICEF Kenya has also supported the establishment of a Technical Working Group, which is chaired by the Communications Authority of Kenya and comprised of all relevant government agencies. This group is charged with coordinating online child protection work in Kenya. In addition, the project is supporting the development and finalization of an assessment of the Model National Response, along with a related plan of action to address child online protection.

Community outreach and awareness-raising on child online protection is also a key component of the project and targets children, adolescents, caregivers and teachers.

In 2022, with new investment through the End Violence Fund, UNICEF Kenya's project will strengthen Kenya’s response to online sexual exploitation and abuse. It will help frontline workers prevent, identify and respond to abuse and improve laws, procedures and standards for quality services. Children and caregivers will also be trained on online protection.