Protecting Children from Cyber Predators: a Safe Online Future for All Children in Ghana

UNICEF Ghana is using support from the Fund to develop a National Plan of Action to tackle online child sexual exploitation and abuse. The agency is also working closely with the National Cybersecurity Crime Centre to integrate online child protections into the country’s national cybersecurity strategy.

To further protect children, UNICEF Ghana is working with law enforcement officers and social workers, increasing their understanding of online exploitation and response strategies. They are also helping the Government of Ghana review the legal framework and propose online child protection-related amendments to deter online crime, punish offenders and ensure the protection of child victims. This support includes the establishment of the first child protection digital forensics lab for the Ghana Police Service, which will help prevent and respond to cases of online child protection.

UNICEF Ghana is also working with the government to integrate awareness on child safety into existing programmes and campaigns, ensuring that children, adolescents and caregivers are equipped with the knowledge they need to stay safe online. The agency is also working within the private sector, both boosting corporate social responsibility and accountable of online violence and stimulating self-regulation of the telecommunications sector, among other activities.