UNICEF Albania

Safer and Better Internet for Children and Youth in Albania

UNICEF Albania is using support from the Fund to end violence against children online on multiple levels. To reach children, the agency is training children to become peer educators on online violence, increasing their knowledge on safe Internet navigation and helping them spread that information to their peers. UNICEF Albania conducted research on children’s use of the Internet and risk of online violence using the Global Kids Online methodology. The results from this study are being used to conduct national awareness activities.

UNICEF Albania is also working at the national level by strengthening the national child helpline and hotline, which alert authorities about child sexual abuse material online. They are also carrying out an assessment of national legislation, policies and programmes currently targeting online child sexual exploitation and abuse in-line with the WePROTECT Global Alliance Model National Response. This will inform measures to improve the systematic response to online child sexual exploitation and abuse.

UNICEF Albania is also helping the government develop a national strategy for cyber-security with a focus on children’s online safety. The agency is also supporting law enforcement authorities, strengthening their ability to investigate and prosecute cases of online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

In addition, the agency is working with local municipalities and Internet service providers to promote “Albania Friendly Wi-Fi,” a safe certification standard for public Wi-Fi. These services will make Internet navigation safer for children and families, while also increasing national awareness on internet safety. Irana, the capital of Albania, is on its way to becoming the first capital in the region that promotes such friendly Wi-Fi services to its citizens.

The agency is also using support from the Fund to engage the information, communications and technology sector on children’s Internet usage and risks in the digital space.