UNHCR Uganda

Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Children in Refugee Settlements and Kampala, Uganda

Uganda is home to over 900,000 child refugees and asylum seekers. The majority of these children are from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, countries that have been plagued by violence for years on end. After watching armed groups ransack their homes, these children often had no choice but to leave everything behind and start over – attempting to rebuild in overcrowded refugee camps or new cities miles from their homes. Often, these children are victims of sexual assault and gender-based violence.

With support from the Fund, UNHCR Uganda conducted an assessment with nearly 11,000 children, 49 percent of whom were girls, to identify those most at-risk (including those who were separated from their families or had survived sexual and gender-based violence). The agency developed a new reporting platform – Activity Info – to improve data management. As a result, UNHCR was able to strengthen case management systems for children, facilitating their access to individualised services and support.