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Youth’s Experience of Peer-to-Peer Sexual Violence Online, Social norms and Youth-Led Recommendations for Prevention and Response: A Cross-regional Study

As our interactions and social relationships are increasingly transposed online, so are the harmful social norms.  Focused on youth participation, Royal Roads University’s research investigates emerging social norms that perpetuate sexual violence among youth online, explores youth ideas for prevention by challenging destructive norms and bolstering supportive ones, and increases the understanding of youth experience of peer-to-peer online sexual violence.

It asks: what online social norms related to sexuality and sexual relationships are linked to CSEA, what do youth understand about peer-to-peer online sexual violence, what social norms pertain to reporting/disclosing abuse and the use of online safety tools, and what recommendations do youth have to disrupt destructive norms?  This project aims to work with, and provide actionable experiential insight to, key players in the technology industry to better prevent, detect, deter and respond to CSEA and identify strategies to combat peer-to-peer online sexual violence. 

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