Raising Voices


Raising Voices has been working toward the prevention of violence against women and children by influencing the power dynamics shaping relationship particularly between women and men, girls and boys, and adults and children since 1999. Building on the evidence-based Good School Toolkit, Raising Voices will consolidate and reinforce interventions in 500 previously targeted primary schools and adapting its toolkits to an additional 100 secondary schools in five districts across the Central, Western, Eastern and Northern regions of Uganda. A combination of media campaigns and local advocacy will be conducted at the community level for social and behavioural change.

The project will focus on:

  1. Advocating for mainstreaming the Good School Toolkit within the school curriculum and management;
  2. Implementing of the Good School Toolkit in 500 primary and 100 secondary schools;
  3. Encouraging students' engagement in promoting safer learning environments; and,
  4. Raising awareness among parents and community members on safer learning environments.

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