Paniamor Foundation

Costa Rica Says NO to Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

The Paniamor Foundation is using support from the Fund to bring prevention and response of child sexual exploitation to the forefront of national conversation. The Foundation is supporting the Government of Costa Rica’s Connected Households Program to equip families and children with knowledge on online violence, along with the skills to prevent and respond to it. They are also building the capacity of child protection systems and those involved in its processes, ensuring such mechanisms are both scalable and sustainable.

Paniamor Foundation is also introducing a digital application to the existing 911 emergency response system, which will allow users to make reports via the app and help the police process reports of online child sexual exploitation and abuse.

In addition, the Foundation has conducted the first national survey with children using the Global Kids Online methodology, along with a baseline study on Costa Rica’s national capacity to protect children and adolescents from online sexual exploitation and abuse. The latter is mapped against the WeProtect Global Alliance Model National Response.