MSB Berlin Medical School

RAPPID- (Risk Assessment for the Prevention & Promotion of Internet Deterrence)

Most research and prevention programs presently focus on sexual interest in children (i.e., pedohebephilic interests), yet according to research, 4 in 10 individuals who view child pornography do not hold pedohebephilic interests, and there are other psychological drivers of behaviour that may be potential risk factors for CSEA. MSB Berlin Medical School will seek to survey and learn more about more the Individuals who have not yet, but may be at risk for seeking child sexual abuse material online and deter them from committing online harm to children. 

The project will focus on development of psychological profiles that lead to sexually harmful/problematic behaviours within online platforms, and will translate our findings into practical, easy to implement method at reducing online sexual offences. Many online service providers are seeking research-backed capabilities that will dissuade the use of their platforms for harmful sexual interests and help prevent online sexual offence, and MSB Berlin Medical School will help understand what works. They will test targeted deterrence messages and see if these are effective at reducing the user search of problematic sexual materials, and preventing online harm to children.


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