International Rescue Committee

Promoting violence reduction against children in and around schools

International Rescue Committee, Inc. aims to promote violence reduction against children in and around schools and shift social norms and behavior change through evidence-based approaches. Based on these approaches, this project with work on a variety of levels to support schools to enhance behaviour management practices, build capacity of caregivers and children on supportive and nurturing environments, and increase community members exposure on messaging about prevention and response to violence against children.

Over 15 months, this project will aim to:

  1. Establish and strengthen Community-Based Child Protection Networks (CBCPN) to influence community non-violent norms and values.
  2. Train Teachers and Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) members on positive behaviour management, child protection and safeguarding.
  3. Provide Adolescents (with a particular focus on vulnerable adolescent girls) with guidance on positive-coping strategies and life-skills training, including essential health and safety information, social and emotional skills, available support services, and dignity kits.
  4. Support schools to develop a Child Safeguarding Policy with child friendly reporting and referral procedures.