Capital Humano y Social (CHS) Alternativo

Preventing and Responding to Online Child Sexual Exploitation

In Peru, the Fund is supporting Capital Humano y Social Alternativo (CHS) to address child sexual exploitation online. CHS is providing psychological and legal assistance to victims of online sexual exploitation. They are also working to prevent such situations through media campaigns, community-based awareness initiatives, and direct involvement with the technology industry. One of those initiatives includes engaging teachers, parents, child service providers, government officials, and members of the judicial system in trainings about online exploitation. Through these trainings, the organisation is increasing communities’ awareness of the issue and strengthening response mechanisms to prevent it. CHS is also working with young people directly by implementing peer-led trainings in schools.

CHS carried out an investigation in seven regions of the project’s intervention, evaluating the services currently provided to victims of violence. This study was a qualitative investigation that identified individuals’ knowledge and perceptions of online child sexual exploitation, and analysed the resources available for those who have experienced such violence. The investigation also resulted in the development of case studies, which were used to enrich CHS’ programming. Going forward, CHS is using this research to inform its advocacy efforts and promote change.

Lastly, as part of the National Children’s Action Plan committee, CHS is helping to integrate prevention of online sexual exploitation into the committee’s agenda and develop national protocols and response strategies to address online violence.