UPDATE: Transition of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children

The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children was launched by the UN Secretary-General in 2016 as a unique global platform for collective advocacy, action and investment.  The Partnership has significantly advanced the global effort to end violence against children (EVAC) and accelerated progress to SDG 16.2.

A combination of global crises, challenges and emerging opportunities has created an operating environment that is now very different from when the Partnership launched.  To build on the achievements of the Partnership and maintain progress on the priority initiatives in the current context, the End Violence Board agreed to significantly evolve the configuration of the Partnership and to transition some of the priority initiatives to new hosts. 

The transition to these new operational arrangements - which prioritize what’s best for children and the EVAC ecosystem - is now close to completion:

Promotion of and support for evidence-based, national action to end violence against children through Pathfinding is now under the leadership of the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence Against Children and her Office, who will support furthering country engagement and advocacy in close cooperation with global partners.

For more information contact Pablo Espiniella at pablo.espiniella@un.org

End Corporal Punishment is now hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO), and will be overseen by a multi-partner Steering Committee.

For more information contact Bess Herbert at herbertb@who.int or Sonia Vohito at vohitos@who.int

Safe to Learn is now hosted by UNICEF, with ongoing involvement of the Safe to Learn coalition of partners and oversight from the Safe to Learn Advisory Board.

For more information contact Line Baago-Rasmussen at safetolearn@unicef.org 

The analysis and products developed for the Childhood Sexual Violence (CSV) investment case will be packaged and shared with partners as a contribution to the knowledge base on tackling and mobilizing funding for CSV.

For more information contact Andrew Hassett at andrew.hassett@end-violence.org

A multi-stakeholder group of partners is preparing to form a coalition to advance the global agenda on EVAC.  The coalition will focus on advocacy and preserving the collective voice of the various constituencies brought together in the Partnership.

More information will be shared in due course by members of the new coalition.

The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children shifted on 1 October 2023 to a narrower focus on current and future investments for Safe Online, an initiative investing in and supporting global efforts to prevent and respond to the growing threat of digital harms to children.  These arrangements will be reviewed in 2025, informed by a forthcoming strategic visioning process for Safe Online.

For more information contact Marija Manojlovic at marija.manojlovic@end-violence.org

Positive Parenting will also continue within the Partnership until existing funds are fully disbursed and will continue to work closely with partners in the Global Initiative to Support Parents.

For more information contact Cassia Carvalho at cassia.carvalho@end-violence.org 

With and through our 775 partners, the End Violence Partnership has played a critical role galvanizing, strengthening and supporting the end violence movement.  We are confident that these new arrangements will enable the end violence community to continue working together towards a world where every child grows up in a safe, secure and nurturing environment.

Signatures-01 (1).Helle Thorning-Schmidt & Joy Phumaphi
Co-Chairs of the Board
Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children

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