Resources to empower children online


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It is critical to empower children to keep them safe online. The following resources, which demand action from parents, schools industry, media, service providers and police makers, will help stakeholders:

  • Equip children via child-friendly channels with age-appropriate information on safety online, including how to seek out help and support 

  • Help children develop digital resilience, critical thinking skills and ability to make good choices 

  • Encourage children to support each other online 

  • Consult with children on how to improve their safety online, including policy development and online platform design 

  • Ensure the above services, resources and tools are equally accessible to the most vulnerable groups of children, especially children with limited access to the internet and those marginilised based on gender, age, disability, ethnicity and socio-economic status.  


eSafety Commissioner, Australia 


Consultations with children  


This collection is part of the End Violence Partnership's technical note, COVID-19 and its Implications for Protecting Children Online

Pictured above: In South Africa, 8-year-old Emma and her brother bake with their grandmother through video chat. © UNICEF/UNI321249/Schermbrucker