Pathfinding dashboard tracks countries' progress toward ending violence


Children smiling in Bangaldesh.

Since its launch in July 2016, the End Violence Partnership as promoted the concept of Pathfinding, which aims to raise awareness, stimulate leadership commitments to action and establish a standard of national violence prevention throughout the world.

Pathfinding Countries make a public commitment to do more to end violence against children and embark on a nationally-driven process to develop a comprehensive, multi-sectoral action plan informed by evidence-based solutions such as the INSPIRE strategies to end violence and context-specific data.

Today, 30 countries have become Pathfinding across the world. End Violence and partners continuously track progress in those countries, and recently released a new dashboard to showcase highlights over the recent years. The dashboard includes information on key indicators, including the publication of national action plans and the inclusion of INSPIRE strategies in planning and implementation. 

Access the full dashboard.