Knowledge & Evidence through the End Violence Fund


A child looks at her phone in Panama.

Generating knowledge and evidence to inform programming and influence policy and advocacy  

Another focus of the Fund's efforts centers on generating knowledge and evidence on online child sexual exploitation and abuse to inform programming in the field and influence policy and programme priorities of governments at all levels.

Recent highlights from this area include:

  • The Council of Europe published a baseline mapping of all 47 Member States on policy, legislation and practices on online child sexual exploitation and abuse, and a comparative review of mechanisms for collective action to tackle the issue. These studies informed and contributed to the ratification of the Lanzarote Convention by Armenia and Azerbaijan.
  • Congress in Peru approved a legislative bill to increase sentences for people who produce and consume child sexual abuse material to 15 years.
  • The Albanian Council of Ministers adopted a bylaw to protect children from harmful and illegal content online that introduced for the first time a detailed legal provision on the protection of children online.